Display Props

Setting up a Display Home is hard work!  Moving furniture is not easy, and big TVs are heavy!

Alleviate some of the burden by using Display Props such as Fake TVs and Fake Laptops. These lightweight, easy to install units can be installed by just one person.

32″ Display Props,  42″ Fake TVs and 50″ Display TV models can all be wall mounted.  The 50″ weighs 10kg, and they all mimic the shell of a real TV, so you can either use a standard TV wall mount or you can use a nail in the wall and use picture wire to hang them.

Our range of display props is ever increasing, now we also supply iMac computers that are so realistic you won’t believe they’re not real!  The set comes with either white or black keyboard and mouse.

iPads are also available in black or white.  We recently received a phone call from an Ikea customer who picked up a black iPad and saw our phone number on the back.  She called to let me know I’d left my iPad at the store.  How’s that for honesty?!!  I explained to her that it was a fake item and that it should remain at Ikea and I thanked her very much for taking the time to call me.

Installing props in your display home couldn’t be easier and they look so realistic you won’t believe they’re fake!